Monday, 15 February 2016

Glass castle

                   A bottle and a Friend.

Seated at the bar counter draining my sorrows out.
A bottle of whiskey and a half empty glass in my hand.
Listening to James Bay let it go as it plays.

One bottle turns to two and the wired taste turns sweet.
Finally, the effects kick in.

Do you love her?
A Voice comes roaring from behind me.

An old friend pulls a bar stool and gets comfortable besides me.

After a moment of silence.

"you haven't answered me'' looking back at me.

''Naa Ah Am just thinking about business''
A picture of her on the table betraying my words.

''I don't know man, but she's all I think of'''. I give in to continue with the conversation.

'' how can you not know if she's all you think of''
He ask curiously.

''Depends on what I think about her.'' I reply.

If she came and stood right in front of you, what would be your reaction?

Hearing those words, I turn and look around to confirm her absence.

In a state of confusion.
I order another bottle probably to buy time and think about what he just asked.

"why don't you join in, here have a drink," passing him a glass and the bottle to pour himself some whiskey.

''So what about her are you thinking of?
You know she's not the only lady out there.''
He comments looking at me.

'' Yeah sure'' holding my head down with both my hands.