Thursday, 17 March 2016

Addicted to life

                            Life as it is.

After helping my boss get rich all day.
Which I do to my satisfaction not caring the many complaints from that old manager who thinks am better off at his position. With no idea how misallied I feel working with that company.

I go to my usual joint at a restaurant in town.
With a thirsty soul and high hopes that each sip I take drains both mind and soul away from sorrows of the journey of life.

I cannot understand the harm in it knowing all the joy it brings by just changing the views of my current situation when seated on that bar counter for the short period.

I guess it is the reason behind the sweet, comforting names like Amarurah. Not Rest in peace or Go to hell with your troubles.
If they did, it would give me a guilty conscience every time it goes down with a burning sensation in my throat.

I take few shots to interfering with the general judgement of my life happenings.
Addict is the word they use to describe and name anyone who dares to spend some time alone thinking about the past and that what is to come.

Apart from putting food on the table, not much is done draining almost all my earnings to an investment account called school fees which will help me at my old age.
Reminds me to make my annual contributions to a retirement plan after comparing the three of my kids.

When alcohol content in my blood gets to 47% same as the bottle am drinking from.
I drive home to find everyone already asleep.

Breathing heavily with a sign of relief. Spreading myself on the couch only to realize I missed supper. Which makes me miss each one of my family.

The first born 24 years old looks forward to working on facebooks for a job.
By generating too much traffic on his page with likes and comments.

He grew up with much of his mother's emotions to a point he would cry for someone to accept an apology.
If I did that as a child admitting it makes me feel awkward.
I wonder if my dad did it too. I should have my youngest daughter do it one of this days to see my dad's reaction.

At that moment deciding to kiss each one of them a good night kiss like I see on tv programs.
I remember my 16 years old son. A kiss sounds soo childish.
I denied him permission to attend a party so he probably is mad.
With poor performance in school what kind of a dad would I be if i let him.
However, who is to blame, I have no idea what his handwriting looks like.

Makes me wonder if the two guys take after me which reminds me.
I almost went to a confession last week after reading a text message on my son's phone to this lady saved as booty call.

I wonder who would give such a name to a child or what it even means.
The strange thing is, I almost forwarded it to my wife for her to see how romantic I am which reminded me of my young age.

My youngest daughter is a princess.
Beauty just like her Mum.
She is an angel if not alway pretending when being around.
That is someone I could kiss a good night if not for my alcoholic breath.

The oldest member of the family.
My lovely wife. Such a beauty even in her sleep.
I think she thinks am not man enough comparing my self to the man from our neighbourhood. Always dressed smartly driving big cars headed to court.
Probably to answer several cases of corruption and bribery since I know he is not a judge.

Apart from those evil thoughts, No one makes my world vibrant like she does.
Her beauty despite several years of marriage and three kids.
Her smile plus the look in her eyes. If not her,
I do not know how that family would work.
It is true nothing can keep a good woman down.
An amazing Gods creation.

It is funny how they all take life.
Soo easy singing along with sweet melodies and smiles.
That is the beauty they all bring I would say.
Seeing them all happy during breakfast makes me go to my stupid job and work as hard.

Life passes away very quick.
So they all make every second spent count.