Friday, 8 January 2016

My Heart Alter.

                         Why Me

Ever had that one special person in your life. 
Who means everything to you. 
Transforms you fear to a smile. With a simple word, Everything will be okay. 

Her touch, her kiss, her loving I couldn't resist. 
Despite being little, she meant so much to me, 
she was my inspiration, motivated by love. 

One fateful day, I never dreamt nor anticipated,
She decided to leave. 
I thought I was born to make her happy. 

Us forever was my only dream. 
Guess not all dreams are meant to come true.

Sitting here alone, thinking of all the times we've been through, 
Her picture in my mind, voices of her sweet voice in my head. 

Trying my best to understand, where we went wrong. 
Our love felt so good and real but guess I was blinded by it all. 

Not realizing I was losing. Somewhere on the way, 
I lost it.
I lost you.

My dreams are no longer dreams but nightmares of torment. 
Bearing in mind, she will never wake besides me. 
Loved her unconditionally. 
Showed her all that was within me. 

She brought much joy to my life. 
Now that she's gone, takes it all with her. 

A while back I felt joyful. Having someone to wish a good night, late night chats, 
She made me smile. 
Early morning calls which made me laugh, what a good way to start a day.

My nights are long and sleepless. 
Never believed that love existed till she came in my life. 
Everything feels wrong when she's not with me, 

Dear Lord, where did I go wrong. 
Why is trouble always following my love life?
Always ending up with the wrong person. 
lost the best girl I ever had, devoted my all to her, it was never enough i guess.

They say love's the sweetest of all, why all this bitterness. 

The worst situation I ever had is all the laughter turned into sadness, 
My smile into fear. 
Maybe it's what love's all about. 

I thought we would walk the journey of  life together. 
Yet a small wind blew and we came crawling down. 

Been long without you. 
I don't know who to talk to. 
I can't forget after all we've been through. 

Why does it have to hurt this much. 
The hardest part of life is always saying good bye.
Saying good bye to loved ones, be it for a good or bad reason. 

Am a little unsteady, but will be better with time.
Have to learn live without you.

Sorry for everything. 
Am guilty of many crimes. 
Not that my apology will make things better. 

If only my heart could alter.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Say You Failed.

                         Dream Big.

Ramit Sethi, a great mentor of mine, sent me an inspiring email the other day.
"I remembered something one of my mentors, a computer science professor, told me in college.
He said he was jealous of me as a student. "You get to start over new every quarter," he said. “That doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but when you get older, you’ll wish you could start over fresh.”

I was almost giving up on some of my dreams but realized am still young and energetic with great opportunities and chances to try out.

Ramit Sethi quote, ''Can you imagine what a tragedy it would have been if my dream had stayed the same as my 7-year-old self? That stupid dream of being able to order appetizers at a restaurant?''.
Dream big and work toward achieving, it's never too late. Start from the very bottom, You might Feel like there's nothing out there for you. Learn to listen to yourself, there's something out there for you. Barack Obama was not born a president, he set his dreams and goals right, Worked towards achieving them.

I don't know what you dream is. Go for it, you made your dreams as a child, dream big and work towards archieving.Despite what people say, It's your life to live how you want. People will always talk; know who to listen. If you have the will, make an effort and take necessary actions. You can archive anything. Learn to make improvements and progress every day.

A day begins in the morning; a journey starts with a single step. My teacher always told me, "Attempt every question. You rather try and fail than fail to try." Despite the whacking,i  finally realized the truth behind my teacher's statement.

Push The Cow.

                 Destined For Greatness
I was feeling a little down today, didn't publish any article because I have non-compete yet and felt maybe I should read a book and probably get an idea of something to write.  I found an interesting short story that I should share.
"Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a wise man, let’s call him a philosopher, and his disciple. One day in their travels, they saw a hut in a distance.
As they approached it, they realized its occupied in spite of its extremely poor appearance.
In that desolate place where there were no crops and no trees, a man lived with his wife, three young children, and a thin, tired cow. Since they were hungry and thirsty, the wise man and his disciple stopped for a few hours and were well received.
At one point, the wise man asked: “This is a wretched place, far away from anything. How do you survive?”
“You see that cow? That’s what keeps us going,” said the head of the family. “She gives us milk, drink and make some into cheese. When there is extra, we go into the city and exchange the milk and cheese for other types of food. That’s how we survive.”
The wise man thanked them for their hospitality and left. When he reached the first bend in the road, he said to his disciple: “Go back, get the Cow, take her to the Cliff in front of us, and Push her off.” The disciple could not believe what he was hearing. “I cannot do that, master! How can you be so ungrateful? The cow is all they have. If I throw it on the cliff, they’ll have no way to survive. Without the cow, they’ll all die!”
The wise man took a deep breath and repeated the order: “Go ahead. Push the cow off the cliff.”
Maybe it's time for you, am not talking about an actual cow. If you need growth in your life, let that fear down the cliff. You have all the necessities, good health is all you need to make a change. If you still holding on to that cow. Never will you make a difference in your life. Hardly realize your capabilities. Decide if you'll depend on milk and cheese all your life. Or you are destined for greatness!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


          Insight To Depression.
Thinking too much might generate substantial amount of intense emotions and depression that might bring harm to you. Depression can be generated if you are loose to allow thoughts to masquerade you.  For instance, there are a number of factors that can contribute to personal depression such as the tendency to worry a lot, have low self-esteem, are perfectionists, are sensitive to personal criticism, or are self-critical and negative.

Exceeding depression might cause ‘madness’ to oneself which is the thinnest line between sanity and insanity. Most times we tend to be angry at people or something. The expressions we bring out pushes us to a level that we act abnormally that self-controlling ourselves. We lose our potential personalities that are worth admiring; instead we become malicious and unapproachable.  

If you try to get angry and continually make anger your priority, you will lose interaction with people. You will tend to be demanding than asking politely. You will become rude instead of calm. As months will count still with this very behavior, you will lose a lot. You will eventually find yourself lonely and deserted like a desert. Then depression will set in to eat you up your thoughts, personality and emotional being.

Stop crossing the line between sanity and insanity because once you completely cross from being sane to insane, reverting will be problematic. The point is; try all your best to get over depression since it might cause the deepest mental illness that you will ever suffer. 

There is a difference between being physically ill and mentally ill when it comes to age. When you were a child, most illness came physically; a common cold, stomach ache among others where the parents and guardians can easily make out your problem and act on it medically. This means, you attention given to a child than a grown up since a child is considered as feeble and care to him or her is not a demand but a guarantee.

But now you are a grown up. You have a lot to thin k about. Every situation in life pushing you so hard to a point where ‘you wish not to have existed’ but the question is, how can you go through this situation without harming yourself whatsoever? 

Learn to accept whatever that comes your way to avoid any ill-health condition. A person who resists mental illness is that one who is resistance to depression but gets time to create happiness than pitying oneself that causes extra problems.

Monday, 4 January 2016

All Within Me

         I Believe In?

Self-motivation is, believing in yourself, a feeling I felt when my grandpa told me, I have nothing to give you. If there's a greater gift I would like you to have, is the ability to see how great you are, that's what I see in you, see who you truly are, Take care what you tell yourself. You are always listening. Be kind in words more to yourself. It matters much what you say to yourself, each day at a time, that feeling of not turning back, give you the best, of every thought. Push so hard doing what you love. Let doing what you love to kill you. There's something for each of us, people make millions from manufacturing cars, others making spoons, winners are created so are losers. It will not take a day, but I know I will. Am the best outfit for me, am strong, am wiser, am better, am positive that's what I should see. An Early time I stand up, wipe the dust off my hands, and from the back of my shorts that weaken me from having the power to cast the stone and kill Goliath, one stone is enough, after few words to my lord.
That wanting to burst from within, let it all out, for the world to see, what I am. To write my way up, to the coin I will earn. Use my words. not to chase after money, but after my dreams, It's not how great what you do is. How great you does it, wanting to be perfect we tend to lose self-confidence, without trying to prove anything, convince myself I have the reason to believe in me.You are your own best.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Romance in Rome.

                          Wanting You

That feeling of wanting, to hold you so tight.
Close enough to feel you, breathe out so hard.
To give room in your heart to something called love.
To occupy the space down deep inside.

A feeling like you put of Earth. To a place close to the rising sun,

Breath in so deep As we make love.
After after a long tiresome day.
Away from the scorching sun to a place warm and soft.

Express the great urge to visit Rome.
To watch the dripping hot candle wax, melting down from the candlestick.
Standing tall in the lovely circular rings.

Away from the bright light.
Two  shadows wrestling both, for victory.
A war for everything sweet on earth.
Between two lovers meant to be.
On the altar of pure love.

Expressing a feeling of missing that someone so bad.
And the need to get more each passing day.
My thoughts follow me to my bed and out.

Tell me what I have to do.
To hold you back in my arms so tight.
Wanting never to let go.

Not sure are see you again, but i already miss you to much.
Your scent is all over me.
What a dream to hold you tight against the bathroom wall.
Feel the warmth of your love every single mourning.

Interrupting the flow of water dropping down while i take a bath.
A sweet way to start out a day.
Am the driver but don't you sit just watch.
Or stare on the never changing roof.
Lets both cultivate in this great farm called love.

Saturday, 2 January 2016


Pay Tax and Bills

What more than a beautiful life to live, than the life of a dwarf rabbit living outside. In the beautiful green fields, of Netherlands a country of peace, with Hague to judge and prosecute, politicians with no meaning of peace, but the desire for power in wicked ways, to impose heavy taxes and fill their banks, taxing the dead to pay for a place to rest in peace,
what a hard way to live, for those to pay for every protein meal, with the taste of chicken or beef to the greedy leaders we vote, blinded by our political parties leaders, if not our language and tribe.
What a beautiful scenery to see, of our country becoming like Netherlands, where Unemployed will get benefits to living, instead walking from street to street, looking for a job to earn you daily bread.
A country with The Nationale Hypotheek Garantie,to bail out homeowners who cannot pay their mortgage, rather than sleeping outside in the cold,with everything you earned been auctioneered, at a cheap price to pay the bank, the little cash you mortgaged to provide a roof, for the woman of your dreams, with hopes to have a place to raise, a strong-willed son to replace, the corrupt leader in Hague, if not the heartless bank manager you call a friend.