Saturday, 9 January 2016

Little Unsteady.

                              Hold On 
I try to give you the space you need.
To respect your decision which cost me much pain.

Believing in the hope of that.
Maybe your life is better somewhere else.

Writing articles not because am good at it.
But it's the only way i can express myself
without expecting a reply.

Your mere existence is a threat to my peace of mind.
Thinking about you ain't doing me any good.

I don't get to send you long messages as good old times.
But i type them all day in mind which has no send button.

I don't get to call you as often as I did.
But I pick up my phone, every gut in me. Call her.
Let her know how you feel.
Everyday stopping myself which becomes the worst part.

The thoughts of us walking down the streets, with you holding my arm.
If you ever noticed, How looked at the display mirrors just to see the beauty of us.
It made me realize the beauty behind reflections.

Looking deep in your beautiful eyes, I would see my life in every beautiful aspect.
Thinking of moving on, since there's nothing left for me. Not in this life time.
But I will still hold on with the hope to realize my mistake in those four joyful years.

Loving you is not my weakness, Makes me feel strong.
It's something i don't have to try.
As broken as I am. 
I want to hold on as long as I can.
Maybe it’s the only thing. Keeping me sane.