Friday, 1 January 2016

From Syria to Paris.


A beauty spot on the face of the earth, A city that inspires musicians and artists, live in Paris if you want to love life, you want to feel important, have a trip to Paris, the reason I feel my life incomplete, I have never been to Paris.You breathing doesn't mean your alive if you've never been to Paris. Your life will matter more if you are living under the glowing lights of the city.

                          A Prayer for Paris
Put my sad face on the flag, post a picture of  France flag on my wall, with my face Photoshopped in it to express how I feel towards France, so much love for the people and country. The motherland of humanity, as long as France is safe, humanity will not seize to exist. Killing a million children in Syria, for the safety of two injured in Paris, by terrorists fighting France, the lives in Paris matters more.


                             A child
Not been born in France, you already failed the test of humanity, your life matters less, simply an excellent specimen for nuclear weapon test, What other worst things in life,than been surrounding by dead relatives,You have your mum and dad, who are struggling to stay alive.what could they do to prove your life is worth, they all live in fear, for tomorrow lay on the Mercy of France, if you are not living in the beautiful face of are lucky to be a life.

                       Mothers Cry
A woman dream is to see her children grow, happy and prosperous in this life, to raise up someone to inspire the world, make it a better place for others, but all our children see, is tears of hopelessness from mothers,seeing other children born in France, wipe out villages and hospitals in a click, of those not born in France, and make them disappear form face of earth. Leaving mothers to bury their hope and inspiration, for a better future of children in Paris.

                         A Man

If being a man only means, providing a shelter and something to eat, lucky to be holding a rose in Paris light, not a gun deep in the heat of the desert, fighting for something you call freedom, against a stranger from France, earning thousand dollars in a jet, to come and destroy your mere existence on earth, with a knife in your hand, or a lifeless body of a child, who called you daddy for security, and felt nothing would ever get to him. Not lucky to have been born in France.

What could i possibly do, alone I can't change the world, maybe I could cast a stone across the waters of the ocean, to create many ripples, hoping to help someone realize, all it takes to make the world a better place, a generous heart, a kind speech and a life of service. Make the world a brighter place. France might see; there's much to life than having a big city.



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