Thursday, 31 December 2015

My New year's resolutions

It's a new year, most of us are familiar with new year resolution, some of us go to church, just know you should have a plan with you to pray God to help you archive it, you don't have a plan, every new year will begin and end in the same way. Pray for a new year resolution,God can make a plan for you, the far you've come is not by your power, you realize you need a plan if God has no one for you, maybe you are still trapped in the stomach of a whale like Jonah, pray to God the fish to let you out, that could be your new year resolution.
                            Night clubs
For us in at night clubs. Someone came up with an invention, of packing excitement in a bottle of wheat at a given price, You should realize happiness can't be bought. You could instead spend the night taking pictures with expensive bottles of wine, or people dancing to the beat of the music, probably realize how wrong you are about happiness and by finding out what real happiness is. You'll have a new years resolution.


Spend the night at luxurious places, ideas of growing and advancing in business, you could start new ideas for a change, stop switching from careers to careers, changing courses and professions.
It's time you make a plan. Choose to decide on a different path, have a new sense of direction, discover instead of buying expensive bottles and watches, give little to charity and your life will have a new beginning. Make it a new direction for this new year, could be a good new year resolution for business to start doing well.

                           Listen to Yourself
Start by listening to yourself, and then you'll learn how to listen to others, listening to yourself is having that feeling of yearning, which gives you a feeling of resurrection, a new burning fire in your soul, heightened spirit, a feeling of enlightenment and contentment, could be a new years resolution. If you want others to listen to you

Learn to give without expecting something in return, changing friends is not new years resolution, change your ways of friendship. You don't have to look for new friends. You find out who your real friends are, without going through a tragedy for you to identify them by those who visit, you realize your home not just open to family. New year resolutions can be changing such aspects in your life which will quickly help to solve some problems, like not always complaining how people don't like giving, share and people will have a reason to share.i could make a new years resolution from this and see how many friends will stick with me for life.

                       I Hate My Job
For most of us employed, next year the same old hectic job you do, you've been trying to love, you are still not satisfied for  several years now, Am I benefiting more than I deserve, what do i do at the expenses of others, am i giving too much but gaining too little?If the scores are not even, you are not satisfied. Come up with a new years resolution to look for a more satisfying job.
                        New Year Resolutions
Is there a chances to do something better in your life, losing weight, drink less, sleeping much, paying credit cards and debts,come up with new ideas,could be  business ideas,either new or improving on what you have and make it better,learn to extend your hand not only to receive greetings and profits,but also to give those in need,and selflessness could be a new years resolution and make you realize life is not only about you.

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