Friday, 1 January 2016

Achieving United States Dreams.


                      Dreaming Big

It's the new year, a same old feeling of emptiness and sorrow, with no idea where to start or do for a change. Many years pass, still at the same place, little or no changes. Deep within you feel a need to do something great. You could pack and leave but just before you do that, sit on your bed and think, where do I start                                

                         The United States.

I don't think anyone hate United States, never been there but from what I get, people say its a good place with the most friendly people, easy to get directions. Which is a nice thing if you consider to move for a change? You hardly know anything about the place.

You realize a job is needed, and decide to look opportunities available online, you could come up with a good reason to travel. Maybe this could be a calling or chance for a brighter future.

                      Chasing Dreams

You may be motivated to dream big. What you don't realize is, there's a  big difference between fantasy and actual goals. Don't get in bed and start re-dreaming. Many people don't know the meaning of chasing dreams.chasing after dreams is not going after every little thing you've dreamt of having. It's chasing those things that you dream of and wake's you up in the night like a nightmare, the many ideas that come in your mind, pick one from those and work on it. Start with what you have, a dream. What other direction of life would you need for a change, going to the United States? Well, you could try and see how it works. Don't dream all your life, chase and living your dreams.

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