Thursday, 7 January 2016

Say You Failed.

                         Dream Big.

Ramit Sethi, a great mentor of mine, sent me an inspiring email the other day.
"I remembered something one of my mentors, a computer science professor, told me in college.
He said he was jealous of me as a student. "You get to start over new every quarter," he said. “That doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but when you get older, you’ll wish you could start over fresh.”

I was almost giving up on some of my dreams but realized am still young and energetic with great opportunities and chances to try out.

Ramit Sethi quote, ''Can you imagine what a tragedy it would have been if my dream had stayed the same as my 7-year-old self? That stupid dream of being able to order appetizers at a restaurant?''.
Dream big and work toward achieving, it's never too late. Start from the very bottom, You might Feel like there's nothing out there for you. Learn to listen to yourself, there's something out there for you. Barack Obama was not born a president, he set his dreams and goals right, Worked towards achieving them.

I don't know what you dream is. Go for it, you made your dreams as a child, dream big and work towards archieving.Despite what people say, It's your life to live how you want. People will always talk; know who to listen. If you have the will, make an effort and take necessary actions. You can archive anything. Learn to make improvements and progress every day.

A day begins in the morning; a journey starts with a single step. My teacher always told me, "Attempt every question. You rather try and fail than fail to try." Despite the whacking,i  finally realized the truth behind my teacher's statement.

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