Friday, 8 January 2016

My Heart Alter.

                         Why Me

Ever had that one special person in your life. 
Who means everything to you. 
Transforms you fear to a smile. With a simple word, Everything will be okay. 

Her touch, her kiss, her loving I couldn't resist. 
Despite being little, she meant so much to me, 
she was my inspiration, motivated by love. 

One fateful day, I never dreamt nor anticipated,
She decided to leave. 
I thought I was born to make her happy. 

Us forever was my only dream. 
Guess not all dreams are meant to come true.

Sitting here alone, thinking of all the times we've been through, 
Her picture in my mind, voices of her sweet voice in my head. 

Trying my best to understand, where we went wrong. 
Our love felt so good and real but guess I was blinded by it all. 

Not realizing I was losing. Somewhere on the way, 
I lost it.
I lost you.

My dreams are no longer dreams but nightmares of torment. 
Bearing in mind, she will never wake besides me. 
Loved her unconditionally. 
Showed her all that was within me. 

She brought much joy to my life. 
Now that she's gone, takes it all with her. 

A while back I felt joyful. Having someone to wish a good night, late night chats, 
She made me smile. 
Early morning calls which made me laugh, what a good way to start a day.

My nights are long and sleepless. 
Never believed that love existed till she came in my life. 
Everything feels wrong when she's not with me, 

Dear Lord, where did I go wrong. 
Why is trouble always following my love life?
Always ending up with the wrong person. 
lost the best girl I ever had, devoted my all to her, it was never enough i guess.

They say love's the sweetest of all, why all this bitterness. 

The worst situation I ever had is all the laughter turned into sadness, 
My smile into fear. 
Maybe it's what love's all about. 

I thought we would walk the journey of  life together. 
Yet a small wind blew and we came crawling down. 

Been long without you. 
I don't know who to talk to. 
I can't forget after all we've been through. 

Why does it have to hurt this much. 
The hardest part of life is always saying good bye.
Saying good bye to loved ones, be it for a good or bad reason. 

Am a little unsteady, but will be better with time.
Have to learn live without you.

Sorry for everything. 
Am guilty of many crimes. 
Not that my apology will make things better. 

If only my heart could alter.