Sunday, 3 January 2016

Romance in Rome.

                          Wanting You

That feeling of wanting, to hold you so tight.
Close enough to feel you, breathe out so hard.
To give room in your heart to something called love.
To occupy the space down deep inside.

A feeling like you put of Earth. To a place close to the rising sun,

Breath in so deep As we make love.
After after a long tiresome day.
Away from the scorching sun to a place warm and soft.

Express the great urge to visit Rome.
To watch the dripping hot candle wax, melting down from the candlestick.
Standing tall in the lovely circular rings.

Away from the bright light.
Two  shadows wrestling both, for victory.
A war for everything sweet on earth.
Between two lovers meant to be.
On the altar of pure love.

Expressing a feeling of missing that someone so bad.
And the need to get more each passing day.
My thoughts follow me to my bed and out.

Tell me what I have to do.
To hold you back in my arms so tight.
Wanting never to let go.

Not sure are see you again, but i already miss you to much.
Your scent is all over me.
What a dream to hold you tight against the bathroom wall.
Feel the warmth of your love every single mourning.

Interrupting the flow of water dropping down while i take a bath.
A sweet way to start out a day.
Am the driver but don't you sit just watch.
Or stare on the never changing roof.
Lets both cultivate in this great farm called love.