Saturday, 2 January 2016


Pay Tax and Bills

What more than a beautiful life to live, than the life of a dwarf rabbit living outside. In the beautiful green fields, of Netherlands a country of peace, with Hague to judge and prosecute, politicians with no meaning of peace, but the desire for power in wicked ways, to impose heavy taxes and fill their banks, taxing the dead to pay for a place to rest in peace,
what a hard way to live, for those to pay for every protein meal, with the taste of chicken or beef to the greedy leaders we vote, blinded by our political parties leaders, if not our language and tribe.
What a beautiful scenery to see, of our country becoming like Netherlands, where Unemployed will get benefits to living, instead walking from street to street, looking for a job to earn you daily bread.
A country with The Nationale Hypotheek Garantie,to bail out homeowners who cannot pay their mortgage, rather than sleeping outside in the cold,with everything you earned been auctioneered, at a cheap price to pay the bank, the little cash you mortgaged to provide a roof, for the woman of your dreams, with hopes to have a place to raise, a strong-willed son to replace, the corrupt leader in Hague, if not the heartless bank manager you call a friend.

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