Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What is Success?


Is success when people start searching you on Google instead of Facebook.

Or is when you have over 10,000 likes on your Facebook page, it's a million dollar money in your account.

I think having a 36 bedroom house all by myself is a success life or driving a Mercedes Benz whichever the latest model is.

Success is having that feeling of accomplishment in every little thing you do.
We don't normally have this feeling mainly because we are so focused on looking more on what we don't have.

Do this on a weekend after getting out of bed, wash your face with some cold water and move close to the mirror.
Look back to the years that have passed by, think deeply about the person you are.
Ask yourself, I am successful? Am i living happily and contented?
Am I the same person I was yesterday?

The feeling of success can be mistaken with that of achievement.
To be successful is the ability to be a better person.
You realize people around you start liking you.
Real friendship and happiness.
Not helping others for money but to help others.

Smiling after helping a young child or an elderly person cross the road.
That feeling when a stranger says thanks you.
Success is appreciating everyone for the impact they have in our life.

Using little opportunity to put a smile on someone face.
To feel full accomplishment in life is the real success.
That is the feeling of success.

Achievements are set goals that are dreams with time limits.
But success is every single dream you make come true when trying to be a better person.

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