Wednesday, 30 December 2015

I Miss You

                               i miss

I miss you.
Am putting my pride aside and admitting it.

A picture of you in mind.
Guess it's what missing someone is.

A feeling you can't get rid of.
Wish I could run away from all this.

I try to focus my potential on many things but still there's too much of you in everything i do.

Why are you everywhere i look? In everything I do?

Who gave you the right?
\I thought I have freedom now. But it's more like I lost it all.
Maybe this is the kind of pride I should let go.

Many questions in the back of my mind which I wish I could get answers to.
Hours pass so fast and each day I miss you more.

Maybe all this questions be because I miss you, so kindly pick up your phone dial my number or write a very sweet short text.I miss you too, would help.

Let's pretend there's no possibility of us fighting.
It's what we've been doing much lately.

I don't write this words because am weak.
Am strong enough to say how I feel.
With the highest hope everything will change for the better if not, at least, get back to normal.

Don't know what I intend to go with this but am doing it anyway.
Things were so perfect and never did i think this was to happen.
Guess it's what I get for not appreciating.

Maybe it's payback time.