Tuesday, 5 January 2016


          Insight To Depression.
Thinking too much might generate substantial amount of intense emotions and depression that might bring harm to you. Depression can be generated if you are loose to allow thoughts to masquerade you.  For instance, there are a number of factors that can contribute to personal depression such as the tendency to worry a lot, have low self-esteem, are perfectionists, are sensitive to personal criticism, or are self-critical and negative.

Exceeding depression might cause ‘madness’ to oneself which is the thinnest line between sanity and insanity. Most times we tend to be angry at people or something. The expressions we bring out pushes us to a level that we act abnormally that self-controlling ourselves. We lose our potential personalities that are worth admiring; instead we become malicious and unapproachable.  

If you try to get angry and continually make anger your priority, you will lose interaction with people. You will tend to be demanding than asking politely. You will become rude instead of calm. As months will count still with this very behavior, you will lose a lot. You will eventually find yourself lonely and deserted like a desert. Then depression will set in to eat you up your thoughts, personality and emotional being.

Stop crossing the line between sanity and insanity because once you completely cross from being sane to insane, reverting will be problematic. The point is; try all your best to get over depression since it might cause the deepest mental illness that you will ever suffer. 

There is a difference between being physically ill and mentally ill when it comes to age. When you were a child, most illness came physically; a common cold, stomach ache among others where the parents and guardians can easily make out your problem and act on it medically. This means, you attention given to a child than a grown up since a child is considered as feeble and care to him or her is not a demand but a guarantee.

But now you are a grown up. You have a lot to thin k about. Every situation in life pushing you so hard to a point where ‘you wish not to have existed’ but the question is, how can you go through this situation without harming yourself whatsoever? 

Learn to accept whatever that comes your way to avoid any ill-health condition. A person who resists mental illness is that one who is resistance to depression but gets time to create happiness than pitying oneself that causes extra problems.


  1. Good article,brief and educative. Depression falls under the class of mood disorders which also includes,bipolar mood disorders schizoaffective type of schizophrenia among others. All this have a course of treatment. Good work.

    1. Thanks alot... hehe seems you know well about depression.