Wednesday, 2 March 2016

What is life worth?

                     Life worth a dollar.
There are things that are meant to be of value in our life's despite the evil blindness bestowed upon us by power and money.

With some of us thinking they are rich because money is the only thing they can account for in their whole life's existence.

Life is like a hundred dollar note in the pocket, spending a dime every passing day.
How we spend it totally depends on the choices we make.

If money is all to account for, What worth will our lives be if we have it and lose our life?

Doing anything for money, we lose the basic fundamental meaning of our life.
Cutting our connections with anyone who does not bring monetary value to us.
Money can purchase a mansion which is a good thing, but can never buy a home.

Every passing second is like a nickel spent, which we can't earn back when it's gone.
Every year counts as a dollar with many not lucky to spend it all.
Nothing will save us from the cold chill of the grave when the time comes.
Not even the numerous figures in our bank account.
Death should mean something not necessary our own death.

Let us live before we die.
Real wealth and richness lays within us.
Love and peace among others which money can't buy.
Spend every day to touch a heart, For the only way to live even after death is in the heart and memories of others.