Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Its a Revolution.

                         KENYA IS MY HOME

I love my country to watch it go down to its knees to corruption and tribalism.

Hungry leaders filling their bellies and bank accounts
With as much as taxpayers' money 
With many earning just a little to make a living.
Striving every day to work for a donut salary 

Spending much than they make due to high costs of living and meager wages.

High transport charges on poorly constructed roads.

Which was paid heavily for to have built by best contractors.
With quality products and qualified engineers.
Not from our best engineering university and colleges.
But hired manpower from foreign countries 
Whom we owe enormous amounts of debts.
Loans and bonds they offered us for developments.

Where are our educated and qualified engineers?
Many going to look for greener pastures.
Seeking for job opportunities in foreign countries
To develop foreign cities.

Where are our many learned doctors?
With our hospital beds full of patients.

With our relative and friends working outside countries 
Many suffering in poor treatment and working conditions.
With no jobs available in our country.

Who is to blame!
Basing our leadership on dirty politics and tribalism.
What better do we expect!

I will not run to live comfortably in a foreign land.
Kenya is my motherland. 
I will stay and fight.

Fight to make this nation that country.
My children will grow up in and proudly call home.
Free from corruption and tribalism.
Fight for PEACE LOVE and UNITY.

Kenya is my Home.