Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Friends are forever.

                              Pinky Swear

I believe we have over a million definitions of what friendship is depending on one own perception and thoughts.

Yesterday I was to attend a friends birthday party.
I missed, and somehow it's making me feel like crap.

Could say it's with much greater reasons but still I feel it's not right.
She's one of those friends who make me feel what having a real friend feels like.

Guess it's the reason I feel guilty about it all.

I realized you may not know much about that person you call a real friend.
Or spent much time with but they make you feel like you know much about them.

Someone you always call not only when in need
But also when you need someone to talk to.

Someone your never around  with
But it feel as if they never left.
Someone who listens to your problems and
View your situation as their own.

When you remember such Friends.
A smile brightens your face
jogging  back your memories to
Find them in many of your fun moments in life.

A true friend is not that particular friend you've grown up knowing.
But makes you feel like you've known them forever.
Life's good with such friends.

Not scratch my back buddies.
Basing friendship on favors.
That's not the kind of friendship I mean.

Real friends help each other without keeping count.
With no doubts or expectations of return favors.
They never take advantage of each other.

That person who make good times better and hard times easier.
Someone who walks in when the rest of the wold walks out.
One loyal friend is worth millions of relatives.

Promises may be broken.
Dreams may fail, but True friends are forever.