Friday, 29 January 2016

The Sun Goes Down.


It so happens that at some point in this journey called life.
The only options we have is moving forward.
At times, life throws just one punch knocking you off the track.
Off from everything you believe in.
So hard is the punch that hope escapes without a doubt.

At such point in our life, You feel like looking back but realize there's nothing to look back to.

A feeling inside that you can't explain what it's all about predicting a big fall ahead of you.
All you see is a dark future ahead.
Looking up the sky whispering a prayer with the only thoughts in mind are those of fear, doubt, and hopelessness.

Not once have I had this feeling,
I remember in one occasion back in high school.
I was busy sucking the sweetness of a green plant loved by many.
Busy enjoying the moments at the corridor of the washrooms.
when the deputy head teacher walked in.
I kept the blunt in my pocket.

Don't know if God intervened but i felt it was the end of me.
At that point all hope was gone.
I could not even alter a word.
The world stopped revolving for a minute as he walked passed me to the urinal to take a pee.
He probably had too much coffee back at his office to beat the cold.

Well, I didn't wait for him to finish to ask him what he was doing in students washrooms.

All I know I was glued to my seat in class with a smoking hot joint in my pocket.
I almost swore never to get high again.
Well it's not good for your health.

If I went back to the washroom when I noticed him walk past me.
Sure I would have some additional remarks on my living certificate.
It's funny how we escape such situations.

When all hope is gone. On that corner.
Between a hard wall and a rock at the very end.
Thats when you realize a different opportunity just there waiting for you to take an action.

All I want to say is.
Despite the situation you are in.
There's always away.
The sun sets to rise again.