Monday, 11 January 2016

The Heatwave

                    Under the Scotching Sun.
They call it the wave of death, as the sun rises, raises the fear. Fear of not seeing another new day. Fear of losing a sister, a daughter or a mother. Taking our brothers, sons and fathers.

The mere mention of death, a chilling pain down the spine. Death ends life, not relationships. A painful truth death is, not being able to see the rising sun again. The same sun, which now threatens our existence.

Do we pray ancestors to ask our Father in heaven to take away the sun? Ask for the sun not to rise, rising to threaten our existence, and of our crops in the field.

If he answers our prayers, do we live forever in the dark. Will our plants thrive without the rays, without which our bones will grow weak.

Could this be it? Is this the end?
Is Mother Nature angry at us, could it be a message from the above,

Let all religions broadcast a word of prayers.
From Christians to Muslims.
Seek help from above, Where all our help comes from,
Let all bear this prayer in heart, stand as one, for human compassion binds us all together. It's no longer peace that we seek, thanks to our founding fathers.

We all share the same land, water and sun. Keep away our difference and ask our creator. The creator of the heaven and earth. To save us from this disaster, to protect grandchildren to grandparents, to all see another day. See the sun rise again. Without fear of the scorching heat.
How many more disasters do we need to unite humanity.