Sunday, 17 January 2016


                       From Coffee To Wine
For hours I felt  much agony and anguish, more dead like Leonardo Di caprio in the Revenant only in my own bed. I couldn't live with myself after walking back in the house.

If I were as curious about salvation as finding out who else was in that car. I would be the acting pope, which would be a good thing since I would make an excellent speech about the Eurobond on my visit to Kenya.
How can Kenyans be so blind?  Anyway, that wasn't my point.

My main point was on curiosity which I now know how it killed the cat.

Later on that night, she came back and fell deep asleep. Was like nothing had happened.
I heard her phone vibrate and was sure that was a text message. Tried looking for it with no success.
Didn't want to wake her up.

Watching her sleep with the peace that shone on her face, I didn't want to take that away.
I had no sleep despite pretending to be deep asleep when she got back in bed.

What about my peace ? Don't I deserve a good night sleep too?
Never before had I felt uncomfortable sleeping with her. Felt as if she was a stranger in our bed.
I wonder how people cheat in a relationship and sleep peacefully at night. I at least thought she did! Swear I almost sniffed her to feel if my friend's scent was on her clothes.

For hours, I believe I had experienced a divorce till morning.
Was on a Saturday, she met me with a glass of wine trying to act as if all was okay.

''Morning hunny?'' followed by a good morning kiss,
if not the wine I tasted something different on her lips.'' what's wrong with your eyes?'' she asked.'' Nothing !'' my reply came.

I almost asked what was wrong with her lips.
'' ...Couldn't sleep last night''. I continued.
She paused looking at me for a while.
''you shouldn't take wine for breakfast. Let me prepare you some coffee as you tell me what's stressing you.."