Thursday, 21 January 2016

Nation's Prayer

                        My Fathers land.
I come again before thy presence dear Lord.
For It's from you where I get my strength.
You gave me the chance to take this country forward. A journey that my father began.

You handed me this responsibility early enough to show me that you have faith in me.

It hasn't been easy but you've held  my hand all through.

As I take the lead to match this country forward.

Thank you for always giving me strength and
taking me through little and enormous challenges.
Taught me many different lessons along my path.

I remember my fellow countrymen fighting in a foreign land.
Grant them victory in every battlefield.
Protect and guide them as they deliver our neighboring country Somalia to peace.

Bless everyone in this Nation.

I assumed that would be my president's prayer.

I hardly pray for my country and starting to believe if we take time to pray, the world would be a better place.

Our world will be beautiful if we focus on what matters most.
Instead of trying to compare religions.
We all have the freedom of worship which is all we need to commit in prayers.

Giving each other a chance to play their role.
It's the real meaning of peace.

Among other key values.
Respect for each other.
Love, not only love for oneself.
They are real important life values.
For our children to learn from us.

We are not here by chance but for a purpose.

Everything created is perfect including me and you.
We never choose who to meet in this path of life.
Imagine how the world would be if you existed solo.
The beauty of our universe is our existence to share it with each other.

The thrive of business is having many clients.
The fun of entertainment is having people to be entertained.
A house needs family to be a home.
The world needs us to make it our world.

With Love Peace and Unity.