Tuesday, 19 January 2016

If I Was A Girl.

I was chatting with a girlfriend of mine last night, talking about pictures and ladies stuff. Where the conversation came from I can't remember.
Then the thought crossed my mind.
What if I was a girl!!!!

What kind of a girl would I be? Before defining that, I would first wish some of the ladies I have dated to be men, so that I could break their hearts and let them know how it feels.

I wouldn't be any of them, not that they aren't beautiful or anything.  The fact that we are not still dating explains it all. If it's about beauty, trust me. My taste is one of a kind.
The saying that goes, men are heartless, I think we have a heart, we loved you in the first place.
Well, I tend to think men cheat because they don't find happiness in the relationship in one way or another, just saying I love you is never enough. I think the lady is usually the cause at times,
either she's the sensitive or the type that thinks is special forgetting everyone is. If you want to feel special, go to Mars.
Save us that crap. I wouldn't by any chance wish to be of that kind.

The mature type,  working for a big company or bank. I don't think where you work defines who you are, more of showing your effort. This type is the worst, not all are, but you'll find many don't know how to cook or to raise up kids. They depend on other ladies they call nannies for help. Single and independent they say. Children are our future, let's raise them with love and care, they don't need money.

While being busy trying to make my life out of writing anything that comes in mind, not that I hate what am doing, in fact, I enjoy it more than always having to wake up early every morning wear appropriate clothes and report to a station they call a place of work. Did that for two months and honestly feels like I wasted years of my life for nothing since it's not what I love doing.

By any chance, If i was a  girl, definitely not the kind of that beautiful bartender at my drinking spot.
Never say yes to me despite the size of my tip, I realized I tip much at the place than I even drink. By any chance a man with a big tummy comes around, Am forced to order from Jim, I never tipped him but always serving me with much passion.

So what kind of a girl would I be? Not the kind that goes around breaking other people's heart mostly for revenge after having their heartbroken by their first love; I dated such kind I was lucky enough not to fall in love with her if there's anything as falling in love.
Also, I wouldn't want to be the kind of girl

If I was to be a lady. My Mum is the lady.