Monday, 25 January 2016

Bottled Up.

                      Queen of my heart

It's hard.
At first, I thought this will be easy.
But every day it gets heavier for me to bear.
It's sad how every passing day I need you more.

I hope this message gets to you.
You are one person I should have kept close always.
Guess this is life.

In this life, I believe everything does happen for a reason.
I hope i could learn from what we had

Am still living in a dream.
In a dream where I still hold you and see your smile.
Walking under the moon light.
At times smiling back only to realize am all alone.

You said we could be friends.
Does that mean I get to share how I feel?
Which if I do, you realize for me nothing has changed.

It's funny how life can be.
When you need something, it's never there.
I realize this is a big storm in my life.
Which will calm if you stretch out your arms to me.

Knowing this won't happen breaks my heart.

Is this what love is?
Could this be my lesson for taking you for granted?
If you look deeper in my heart now.
You will see there's nothing i want more.

Love is the most beautiful of all things.
I wish I believed so when I still had the chance.
To hold you in my arms.
Feel the warmth of your embrace.
Countless walks in the park.

No one else made me feel like you do.
If I realized this early enough.
Maybe i would still have my smile.