Sunday, 10 January 2016

About Last Night.

I am not a writer, but written our love Story;
I am not a poet, But wrote you a Poem.
I am not a singer But sing a love song For you.
I am not a Dancer, but I dance with you in the rain. 
I am not a painter, But Painted the rainbow for You. 
I am not perfect, But loving you makes Me the best. 
I am not a fighter, but will fight for you, 
I am not a dreamer, but all I ever dream of is you. 

Your touch, your soft lips, your kiss, your curves, your tenderness, your warm smile. Not only on your face, but also your heart and soul. 

Scratching my back, with your soft hands, squeezing every tiny spot on my back. 
With your shinny little teeth, biting my chest. 
Ready to take me in. Deep down in your heart. with the little I have to offer. 

As life changes, my love remains same.

Every single inch, never getting enough, of everything you are.  
The feeling I get. 

Your soft mourn, calling my name, with your eyes closed. 

The most beautiful things in life, are felt. 
A Picture of us making love, A real Queen.
Beautiful in your ways. 
Am not a lover, but will scream out loud, for the world to know I love you. 
When I look in your eyes.
I See my today, my tomorrow and my future. 
That's why i will always say, your eyes look beautiful. 
Because that's the beauty you bring. 
I want you in your worst ways, 
Your taste, scent, and softness of your skin next to mine, 
I want you all tonight.