Monday, 11 January 2016

A Brothers Shoe.

                    A Cold Knife.
Always having new messages on your phone, but your conversations are always empty, not that it bothers me. What you don't know kills you not. My mum called the previous night, to say she was coming by for a visit.
Forgot to tell you and remembered in the morning, Didn't want to wake you up since you slept late chatting with your girlfriend. Prepared myself and before I left, kissed you a goodbye kiss. Watched you for a while, the sleeping beauty, the smile you always have on your face, even as you sleep.You always have a way of reflecting it back to me. I smile and close the door behind, take my car keys and leave for work.
At midday, my mum calls,  I go pick her up, we drop by at the mall and do some shopping. I see a beautiful necklace, and decided to buy it for you since it would look nice on you, We drive off to the house, little traffic so didn't take long.
First sight on my door, another man shoe, The aroma of my favourite dish, the scent of your perfume.
Beyonce playing in the background,
We don’t have forever
Ooh, baby daylight’s wasting
You better kiss me
Before our time is run out (yeah, eh, eh)
Nobody sees what we see
They’re just hopelessly gazing
Baby take me,
Before they turn the lights out,
Before time is run out,
Baby love me lights out,
The music in the house.
Slowly my strength fades away,
''what's the problem son?'' my mum asks.